Implementing Google Analytics 4 quickly

Would you like to get started quickly with Google Analytics 4? Then follow this roadmap

Step 1 – Create a gmail account or go to

Create new account Google Analytics 4

Step 2 – Give your account a name, such as your company name and uncheck all support options, then give the property a recognizable name such as GA4 – Web site name

Property setting Google Analytics 4

Step 3 – Next, indicate the industry you are in, the size of the organization and most importantly, very importantly, your goals of the website. This ensures that machine learning is used to display the right Insights in the summary pages.

Enter company information

Step 4 – After you have accepted everything, you are going to create a Stream. That’s basically the code you need to place via Google Tag Manager or hardcoded on the website using the GTag if that’s your preference. Most go for option 1 via Google Tag Manager. If you don’t have a Tag manager yet, follow this link.

Setting Enhanced measurement

Step 5 – You then choose web stream and enter your domain name and the name of your website there. All enhanced measurements leave you on!

Set Measurement stream

Step 6 – You have now received a measurement id and you are going to add it in Google Tag Manager.

Step 7 – Next, go to Google Tag Manager and in the Tag Manager add a new GA4 Configuration Tag containing your measurement id that starts with a G-XXXXXXXX. As a trigger, choose All pages, or if using a Consent, All Pages Consent Initialization.

google tag

Step 8 – If this is successful, then make the Tag Manager adjustments, by publishing the container. If it actually appears on your website, Google Analytics 4 is activated! Congratulations! Another way to check that all is well is to use browser extensions for Chrome. We have compiled for you a list of useful extensions for this purpose

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