Google Tag Manager Implementation

Google Tag Manager – GTM

What is Google Tag Manager?

Google Tag Manager, also called GTM, is a tool that allows us to quickly and easily add tracking and marketing tags to your website. It works by inserting a small code snippet into your website’s code, which allows us to add and manage tags without the help of a developer. This ensures that we can quickly achieve implementations of Google Analytics and other marketing tools.

GA4Support Tag Manager Tag & dataLayer

Easily and quickly install Google Tag Manager on your website. In doing so, you will gain insight into the most common WordPress information you need.
We also create a unique lead_id per visitor that you can use to track visitors with a unique number. And you can extract even more useful information from the dataLayer to use in GA4.

GTM hygiene

The danger of Google Tag Manager lies mainly in setting it up incorrectly. This comes at the expense of the data, so-called data pollution, and can cause the website to not work properly or AVG proof, or become much slower.


We have installed and optimized Google Tag Manager for more than 100 projects, taking into account the GDPR in Europe. We can also set up Google Tag Manager Server Side so that ad blockers and scripts, among other things, do not unnecessarily slow down the website.

Google Tag Manager Server Side

Google Tag Manager Server Side ensures that the Tag Manager is loaded from your own server using Google Cloud or via Microsoft Azure Server. With this, you have the advantage that ad blockers have less effect and you can therefore receive more data. It is also possible to use the Facebook Conversion APIto send data to Facebook Ads. Another side benefit is that the loading speed of the website is increased because less data from external sources needs to be loaded on the front end of the website.

Are you interested in deploying Google Tag Manager via Server Side or want it cleaned up? You can easily do so through our support service.

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