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Taking a course

Why should you take a Google Analytics Course? After all, there is good support for Google Analytics from Google itself, which can explain a lot about using analytics for your website or webshop. Yet there is a need for a manageable course that addresses real-world examples with clear language and explanations. Hence, we have put together a Google Analytics course that you can easily take yourself online.

Where should I start?

We could start by explaining how to quickly set up Google Analytics 4 on your website, but we’ve already set up a wiki page for that. So for the following sections, you can use our Google Analytics 4 wiki. These are our recommended items;

Activate Google Analytics 4 quickly
Putting Google Tag Manager on a WordPress website

What is the difference between Google Analytics and Universal Analytics?

What are the components covered in this Google Analytics course?

In this course or training we will cover the basic use of Google Analytics for your website. We are going to cover the following sections, assuming Google Analytics 4 is already active on your website and data is coming in. It doesn’t matter if you are using only the automatic event measurements in combination with Enhanced Event Measurements, or if you have already set up your own events. We start at the basics, of course.

We cover the following topics;

Google Analytics 4 interface
> An explanation of the look and feel of the updated interface and how you can customize it to your liking

Google Analytics 4 standard reports

> How do the default reports of Google Analytics 4 work, how can you customize them to your own needs and how can you add them to the navigation library yourself.

Google Analytics 4 Explorations
> How do you use Google Analytics explorations and make use of various combination of segments and statistics?

Google Analytics 4 Advertising
> What can I learn from this section and what will I use it for?

Google Analytics 4 Manage
> What options do you have in Google Analytics 4 to customize the data you receive, what are the do’s and don’ts and how do I set certain conditions and information and applications?

So this Google Analytics 4 course is going to help you take full advantage of Google Analytics’ updated way of working and using the tool to gain insights into the basic capabilities of Google Analytics 4. For a more comprehensive setup of certain custom events and dimensions, we will soon start a Google Analytics 4 Advanced course.


Outsource Google Analytics setup

Would you rather outsource the GA4 setup and settings? This can be done very well at We have several GA4 Implementation packages to fit your organizational needs. To do so, check out our services here. We can also take care of setting up Google Tag Manager for you

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