Google BigQuery Implementation

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Google BigQuery

Google BigQuery is a fully managed, cloud proprietary data warehousing platform that enables super-fast SQL queries using the processing power of Google’s infrastructure. With bigQuery, you can search datasets within seconds of uploading your data and receive instant results and insights. BigQuery is designed to handle very large, complex data sets and provides real-time analysis of those data sets. It is a popular choice for businesses, organizations and researchers who need to quickly and accurately analyze large amounts of data.

Build your own data warehouse with Google Cloud and Google BigQuery

BigQuery can be integrated with other Google Cloud services, such as Google Cloud Storage and Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. Ideal if you want to start your own data solution in which CRM customer data and online marketing data can be combined. You can also easily upload exports of other data into BigQuery and link them together for additional insights.

Linking Google Analytics 4 with Google bigQuery

One practical application of Google BigQuery is to collect Google Analytics data so you can easily export it to Google Looker Studio (formerly Google Data studio) so you can really get insight into all your data. It also gives the organization insight into data that is not otherwise visible in the Google Analytics interface due to sampling.

Launch your Google Cloud data warehouse solution

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