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A good step in improving and enriching your online marketing data is to recognize companies that have visited your website. Many visitors will visit the your website repeatedly and take in interesting content, but not everyone will leave their contact information right away. To find out which potential customers are visiting your Web site, you can use company recognition software. One such tool that is widely used is

Why should I use this tool in conjunction with Google Analytics 4?

1 of the advantages of Google Analytics 4 over Universal Analytics is that data is automatically anonymized. Because of GDPR legislation in Europe, it is not allowed to simply trace users by their IP address. Often because this is seen as personal information from your visitors. While the Leadinfo tool also uses the IP address of visitors, since their database is shielded and there is no way to trace who the visitor is, but only at the company level, this tool is allowed.

Can I also see company names in Google Analytics 4?

No unfortunately, according to Google’s privacy rules, this is just a step too far. But by making smart use of already other data you collect in Google Analytics 4, there is something to be done here on how to better see what this company has done. Also, the software itself also loads the company’s behavior on your website, so you can combine this data nicely in Looker Studio, for example.

Are there any tools to recognize consumers on the website?

Unfortunately, because of GDPR privacy rules, this is not allowed in Europe. So that’s not going to be him. The best way to recognize your consumers on your website is to work with user_id’s in Google Analytics 4. You can accomplish this by using a login area on your website or online store, where the person will obviously share more information. By then assigning these logged-in users a unique user_id, the users can be recognized in other visits though. Of course, this will still involve some form of anonymity because we will not be sharing personal data with Google Analytics.

Ok, I would like to recognize companies or work with user_id’s. Can you help me? Sure, through our Quick Support we can help you set this up for you.

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