Setting up Google Tag Manager

What is Google Tag Manager?

Google Tag Manager is a free tool from Google that makes it easier to manage and implement marketing and analytics tags on a website. The tool allows users to post, manage and test tags without the help of a developer. We support several clients with their Tag Manager.

What can I do with Google Tag Manager?

Google’s Tag Manager allows users to implement tags for various purposes, such as tracking website visits, collecting data for remarketing and setting up conversion tracking. The tool also offers integrations with various marketing and analytics platforms, such as Google Analytics, Google Ads and Doubleclick, Hotjar or Hubspot.

Implementing GTM

To use Google Tag Manager, a user must first create an account and add the Tag Manager code to the website. Tags can then be added to the account through the Tag Manager interface. Users can also set triggers to determine when to execute a tag, such as when loading a particular page or filling out a form. If you want to know more about how to install Tag Manager on WordPress, for example, read the article on our wiki page.

One of the advantages of Google Tag Manager is that it provides a central location for managing tags, rather than requiring tags to be added on individual Web pages. This can simplify the management of tags on a Web site and speed up the process.

The Tag Manager is also useful for testing tags before placing them on a live website. Users can add tags to a test environment and test them before transferring them to the live website. This can help avoid errors and ensure that tags work correctly before they are shown to a wider audience.

In summary, Google’s Tag Manager provides an easy way to implement and manage marketing and analytics tags on a Web site. By using triggers, users can control when tags are executed, and the tool also offers integrations with various marketing and analytics platforms. All this makes it a useful tool for collecting data and improving the performance of a Web site.

Do you also work with an external system and also want to unlock this data to Google Analytics 4 in combination with Google Tag Manager. Then check out our article on Google Analytics’ measurement protocol. With that, you can enrich your data even more.

We help with Google Tag Manager Implementations

Want to learn more about Google Tag Manager or setting it up correctly? Or would you like to have your Tag Manager checked for proper installation? We provide full Google Tag Manager support for various purposes, such as setting up conversions, checking and ensuring operation of Consent Mode, we can help with Google Tag Manager hygiene.

We have provided and supported more than 250 Google Tag Manager implementations over the past few years. That’s why we also provide regular Google Tag Manager Updates. For example, how to keep naming consistent.

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