Google Server Side Tagging

Google Server Side Tagging is a technology from Google that allows marketing and analytical tags to be placed on a Web site without executing those tags on the client-side (on the user’s computer). Instead, the tags are executed server-side (on the website’s server), meaning that the tags are executed before the website is sent to the user.

There are several advantages to using Google Server Side Tagging instead of client-side tagging. First, it can reduce the loading time of a Web site because the tags do not need to be executed on the user’s computer. This can be especially useful for websites with many tags or for users with slow Internet connections.

In addition, Google Server Side Tagging can also help prevent errors that can occur when executing tags on the client-side. For example, if a user has installed a blocker that blocks certain tags, this can lead to errors in data tracking. By executing tags on the server-side, these errors can be avoided.

Google Server Side Tagging can also be useful for collecting data from users who use certain ad blockers that block client-side tags. This can ensure that the data being collected is more accurate and provides a more complete picture of user behavior on a Web site.

To use Google Server Side Tagging, a user must create an account with Google Tag Manager and activate the Server Side Tagging option. Tags can then be added to the account and triggers set to determine when to execute the tags.

In summary, Google Server Side Tagging provides a way to place marketing and analytics tags on a Web site without the need for client-side tagging. This can help reduce a Web site’s load time, prevent errors and more accurately collect data from users who use certain blockers.

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