Using Google Ads Enhanced Conversions with Google Tag Manager

Using Enhanced Conversions with Google Tag Manager is a way to provide additional conversion data to Google Ads pixels that allows Google Ads to better utilize additional information regarding the user making a conversion. Also, you can use this to create lists for remarketing in which Google can better distinguish between new leads and existing leads or customers. Setting enhanced conversions is now public for all to use.

Why do you want to use this?

As mentioned, this helps Google Ads better distinguish between existing customers/prospects and recognized profiles. Most people using Google Chrome are thereby logged in with their email address. If this email address is also linkable in conversions, Google will take this into account in its bids.

Setting up Enhanced Conversions requires an addition to the Google Tag Manager. This can be done by adding in the conversion pixel of Google Ads enhanced conversion information from the data layer. Preferably this is an email address, but preferably Google receives more information.To make this information available to the pixels, enter the variable in the conversion pixel at the option: ‘Incorporate user-supplied data from your website’. In this, be sure to retrieve the value of the data provided by the user, such as email address or phone number or other data.

Enhanced Conversions setup Google Ads

Once you have this set up for all your Google Ads Conversion Tags, then you can indicate in Google Ads at your conversion that you want to apply this. Then choose the option, set up via Google Tag Manager.

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