Shopify e-commerce setup GA4

Set up e-commerce tracking in Shopify

E-commerce tracking for GA4 in Shopify is in some cases trickier to set up than compared to Magento or to Woocommerce. Still, e-commerce tracking can be applied to Shopify. Especially if you have a Shopify Plus account, but in many cases you don’t. Shopify Plus starts at over $2,000 per month. We can help you if you have a regular or advanced Shopify account for your webshop.

A plugin or manually

There are several ways to set up Shopify e-commerce for your shop. Fortunately, there are apps in the market to make this happen, but if you want to do this quickly and easily, there is often a nice cost involved. We have seen examples of over €750 one time.

We choose to add e-commerce measurement manually, because then we can be sure that we are not causing too much unnecessary ballast in the source code of your Shopify shop. We make sure you get insight into which products have been viewed, which products are placed in the shopping cart and we make sure transactions are measured in Google Analytics 4.

Limitations with a standard Shopify webshop

Shopify just doesn’t give us access to the so-called checkout. That is the reason behind Shopify, so that they themselves own this data and can therefore offer it to others. Not so much your personal data, but insight into sales by industry and type of shop. Unfortunately, this does not allow us to separately measure steps in the checkout now.

However, Shopify does indicate that it will be embracing Google Analytics 4 from March 2023, and of course we hope that these events can be included then.

Shopify dataLayer

By default, Shopify does not have a dataLayer that is generated. So you can control this when you use Google Tag Manager on the shop. We can then use Google Tag Manager to make the desired information available for ecommerce measurements in GA4.

Getting started yourself?

Of course, there are plenty of tutorials on the Internet that can help you with this, but remember that this does require some experience. Besides, it’s also not really pleasant to fiddle around in the code of your webshop when you don’t really know what you’re doing. And in addition, there are certain aspects very important during decorating that you don’t want to miss.

Therefore, contact us, and let us help you. Also if you want to set up Shopify E-commerce Server Side. We have experience with these projects.

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